Michael Parker's Mission

Michael Parker has been married for more than 30 years to the former Carol Ward of Greensboro, NC. They have two boys, Matthew and Garin, who are beginning the third generation of Parker auctioneers. The Parkers own Terraceridge Farm near Vass, NC. Look for photos of Carol and Matthew in this website.

Michael Parker's distinctive rhythmic chant and down home humor have made him an exciting crowd pleaser at charity events for more than 35 years. Like all of his endeavors, Michael is driven to succeed in serving community organizations through creative fundraising. In 2010, Michael completed the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist Program offered by the National Auctioneer’s Association and received the distinguished BAS (Benefit Auctioneer Specialist) designation in 2011.

Michael is a lifetime member of the Auctioneer’s Association of North Carolina and a member of the National Auctioneer’s Association. Michael is licensed by the North Carolina Secretary of State's Office as a Professional Fundraising Consultant. Check the Links Section in this website to see all the affiliations and resources Michael Parker Benefit Auctions can bring to your organization!

About Michael Parker

Michael Parker is a second generation Auctioneer who has called auctions for more than 30 years. Michael learned at the foot of his father who became an auctioneer in 1946 and sold on the tobacco markets from Virginia to Georgia. Michael grew up in the auction business, attended Mendenhall School of Auctioneering and became a licensed professional auctioneer in 1982 (NCAL 2714). Michael, and his wife Carol, put themselves through law school and graduate school selling the auction way. During his career, Michael has sold millions of dollars in property at Auction including livestock, antiques and real estate. Check the History section for Michael's auctioneering legacy.

Michael Parker has been active in the community and dedicated to protecting the community since childhood. Michael is a retired volunteer rescueman, having served 20 years with the Vass Rescue Squad, having joined at 13 years old. Michael is retired North Carolina prosecutor who tried homicide cases.  Michael has worked protecting his community as a prosecutor since 1989. During his career, Michael devoted himself to training law enforcement, prosecutors and community leaders in the dangers of domestic violence, gang influences, drunk driving, vehicular homicides, child abuse, and sexual abuse. Michael is a nationally recognized speaker specializing in domestic violence, trail advocacy and training prosecutors on adult learning principles. Michael's unique background makes Parker Benefit Auctions the logical choice for advocating for funds for your organization. Check out Michael 's www.LinkedIn.com profile for more information on Michael's career and see the recommendations about Michael's work ethic and community leadership.

A Benefit Auctioneer Specialist

Parker Benefit Auctions specialize in benefit aucion event planning, audience development, item procurement, committee organization, special fundraising appeals, event bookkeeping, event management, auction supplies and FUNdraising.  Benefit auctions raise over $16 BILLION for non-profit organizations nationwide - shouldn't you be considering what a professional Benefit Auctioneer Specialist could do for your organization?  Benefit Auctioneer Specialists don't cost you money - they make you money!  Experience, dedication and passion for community improvement makes Parker Benefit Auctions your FIRST CHOICE for community fundraising!

A Licensed Professional Auctioneer

Thirty year veteran auctioneer Michael Parker will work with your organization to raise the funds you need to carry on your charitable services in these tough economic times. Whether it is $10,000 or $1,000,000, Parker Benefit Auctions is your one stop shop for fundraising event expertise.

A Licensed Professional Fundraising Consultant

Parker Benefit Auctions (PBA) is dedicated to raising funds for worthy non-profit organizations through fundraising consulting and conducting Benefit Auction Events.  PBA is licensed with the North Carolina Secretary of State as licensed Fundraising Consultant. 

A Fundraising Partner

Parker Benefit Auctions is your full service fundraising partner. Michael Parker is a certified, licensed and specially trained fundraising professional dedicated to helping non-profits raise more!

More than just an Auctioneer 

About Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker is a third generation Parker auctioneer licensed in North Carolina in 2015.  Matthew won the NC Rookie Auctioneer Championship hosted by the Auctioneer's Association of North Carolina in 2016 and became licensed in South Carolina in 2017.  Matthew will graduate from NC State University in May 2018 with a BS in Bio-Ag Engineering and a minor in Soil Science.  Matthew plans to obtain his BAS certification in 2018.  

​Matthew runs a Farm to Freezer Beef Program on the family farm, raising healthy beef for his clients to put straight in their freezers.  Matthew also started Parker Auctions, the commercial division of Parker Benefit Auctions, for clients needing to sell their property the Auction Way!  Fortunately, for Parker Benefit Auctions, Matthew is also available for our non-profit clients too!