[Michael’s] expertise helped us raise our profits from the previous year by over 140%. We will definitely use his services again.
Robin Fisher and Camille Denhard, Sacred Heart School
What is the cost of using Parker Benefit Auctions?  Priceless!!!!!

Parker Benefits include

  • Pre Event Planning
  • Board Training
  • Setting a fundraising goal and budget
  • Developing a Mission Statement
  • Developing a Marketing Message 
  • Committee organization
  • Volunteer organization 
  • Silent Auction organization 
  • Live Auction organization 
  • Fundraising games suggestions, selections and organization
  • Floor plan organization
  • Agenda organization
  • Special Appeal planning and organization
  • Uniform event numbering scheme
  • Registration and Check-in/checkout procedures and organization
  • Audience Development
  • Marketing Plans
  • Event PowerPoint Presentations 
  • Assistant Auctioneers
  • Professional Event Night Staff
  • Volunteer training
  • Emceeing and conducting the event
  • Bid Numbers
  • Event Forms
  • Checklists
  • Post Event analysis
  • Final Report

Benefit Auctioneer Specialists don't cost - they pay! 

Are you ready to raise more?   

  • Auctioneer (Day of Event) @ $250/hr plus travel and subsistence
  • Consultation @ $100/hr plus travel and subsistence
  • Assistant Auctioneers @ $100.00/hr plus travel and subsistence
  • Cashiers @ $75.00 per hour each plus travel and subsistence
  • Clerks @ $75.00 per hour each plus travel and subsistence
  • Clerking Paperwork:  $250.00
  • Provide Sound System with CD/MP3 Player: $250.00 - $600.00
  • Develop Live Auction Powerpoint (Client Provides Photos and Descriptions): $200.00
  • Bid Cards: $85.00 per hundred (double sets)


From $10,000 to $10,000,000, Parker Benefits can handle all your fundraising needs.  PBA's fee structure is tailored to fit your event, your organization and your needs.  Upon contacting PBA, we discuss your needs and schedule an initial consultation to learn more about your organization, your community and your Board.  PBA works to identify your needs and crafts a fundraising solution that fits your community and your organization.  Once a contract is signed, PBA works with you to plan an event that will not only be memorable, but will also be anticipated by your community each year. 

PBA offers event services, consultation services and supplies.  Unlike commercial auctioneers, PBA does not charge a commission on your sale proceeds, instead, we offer a fixed fee pricing method than can even be underwritten by a sponsor.  PBA's fee is loosely based on the below fee schedule, but is tailored to your organization and your event. Finally, MPBA's fees are not due until after your event. 

Regardless of your needs, remember, PBA can fashion a solution that fits your organization and your budget.  But, most importantly, remember . . .