Parker Benefit Auctions is a full service firm serving non-profit organizations across North and South Carolina since 2010.  (Previously Michael Parker Benefit Auctions).  

Parker Auctions is the commercial Auction division of Parker Benefit Auctions.   

BAM Events is a division of Parker Benefit Auctions.  BAM Events manages non-profits fundraising events so that you look good and your guests have the best possible guest experience!    

Parker Benefit Auctions is a Licensed Fundraising Consultant by the NC Secretary of State's Office.  Michael may be the only auctioneer in NC who is also a licensed fundraising consultant.  Just another example of the commitment Parker Benefits has to quality fundraising for non-profit organizations. 

Michael Parker has a complete profile on Linked in and has scores of endorsements and recommendations.  Check out Michael's Profile to see what others are saying about him. 

Michael Parker is a partner with Greater Giving, formerly AuctionPay.  Greater Giving provides software to non-profits to conduct fundraising events.  As a partner, PBA clients get special discounts from Greater Giving.  PBA can put you in contact with the right people to handle your event. 

Michael Parker has a profile on  AuctionZip is used by commercial auctioneers to profile themselves and list their auctions.  It is also a great site to find auctions near you. 

Matthew Parker is a member of the Auctioneer's Association of North Carolina and Michael Parker is a lifetime member of the Auctioneer's Association of North Carolina.  Michael and Matthew both teach at continuing education trainings. 

Michael and Matthew Parker are members of the National Auctioneer's Association and they routinely attend the National Auctioneer Association convention and the BAS Summit.

Michael Parker is a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS).  The designation "Benefit Auctioneer Specialist" is a certification bestowed by the National Auctioneer's Association.  To keep his BAS certification, Michael Parker must complete frequent continuing education.