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Parker Benefits include

  • Pre Event Planning
  • Board Training
  • Setting a fundraising goal and budget
  • Developing a Mission Statement and a Marketing Message 
  • Committee organization
  • Volunteer organization 
  • Silent Auction organization 
  • Live Auction organization 
  • Fundraising games suggestions, selections and organization
  • Floor plan organization
  • Agenda organization
  • Special Appeal planning and organization
  • Uniform event numbering scheme
  • Registration and Check-in/checkout procedures and organization
  • Audience Development
  • Marketing Plans
  • Event PowerPoint Presentations 
  • Assistant Auctioneers
  • Professional Event Night Staff
  • Volunteer training
  • Emceeing and conducting the event
  • Bid Numbers
  • Event Forms
  • Checklists
  • Post Event analysis
  • Final Report

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Why Hire a Professional?

Engaging a professional benefit auctioneer can maximize your resources and help your event—and your cause—to shine. The best auctioneers will: 

  • Participate in your planning process 
  • Consult on procurement and auction item best practice 
  • Work to understand your audience 
  • Act as a team player 
  • Focus on Fundraising

Professional benefit auctioneers understand that the auction starts well in advance of the actual event. They participate in your planning process and can offer you expertise in areas as diverse as the invitation copy, to procuring items desirable to your audience, to determining what items will do best at a silent, live, or online auction, to the logistics at the event.  Auctioneers who have worked at multiple events can bring fresh ideas and lessons learned from those events to your auction, reducing your headaches and making your event better run, more fun, and more productive. Professional benefit auctioneers work to understand your cause, the Board of Directors resources and commitment, your donor and sponsor audience, even your volunteers. This knowledge allows them to provide appropriate advice to you and better prepare for the auction, including their opening remarks, auction item description, and how to entertain bidders while persuading them to bid higher.  Unlike celebrity or volunteer auctioneers, professional benefit auctioneers have the training to drive bidding by celebrating your cause and not “guilting” the audience into bidding.  They know that acclaiming the cause with committed donors and sponsors is the key to optimal bidding—and they know how to persuade the audience to join them.

Professional benefit auctioneers are team players. They have excellent listening skills and listen more than they speak. They put significant effort into connecting with your committee to leverage the talent and resources of each committee member. They keep the long-term goals of your organization in mind and understand that the best results come from collaboration. There are many auctioneers who can stand in front of an audience and excite them with a smooth auction chant. This is one of the delightful parts of the event.  But a skilled benefit auctioneer, who understands development and fundraising considerations, your mission and goals, your audience profile and a variety of other issues, can and will contribute immensely to your event's success.

Any successful nonprofit will tell you that hiring the right benefit auctioneer can make the difference between meeting your goal and exceeding it. "There is no easier sale in the world than one where you are pretty much guaranteed that your up-front investment will pay off, immediately and overwhelmingly," said Linda Witt, Portland, Oregon-based auction consultant. "I have seen it time and time again that in a blink of an eye, a professional auctioneer will more than pay for the expense of hiring them."

The single act of hiring a professional benefit auctioneer will serve your cause, constituents, Board of Directors, donors, sponsors, and bidders. 

Re-printed with permission from the Greater Giving Website:http://www.greatergiving.com/resource-library/fundraising-tips/before-your-event/hiring-aprofessional- benefit-auctioneer.aspx

All across the Carolinas non-profits are doing important work in their communities – but most are limited by funding. “We could do so much more if we only had the money,” is what I hear from non-profits every day. Successful non-profits know they must engage their communities, and there is no better way to engage the community than with a Benefit Auction Event.

A good Benefit Auction Event: 1) educates the community about your work and your mission; 2) spotlights your organization and your successes; 3) increases your donor base; 4) builds a bridge between you and your donor base; 5) recognizes and thanks your donors; 6) creates a yearly buzz about your organization that increases your community footprint; 7) are FUN, and most importantly, 8) raise MONEY – lots of money – over $16 Billion each year. You can raise more!

Your first step is hiring a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist. A Benefit Auctioneer Specialist is more than a commercial auctioneer. A commercial auctioneer specializes in moving things. A Benefit Auctioneer Specialist moves people to support your organization – physically and financially – and it shows. Annually, Benefit Auctioneer Specialists raise twice as much as commercial auctioneers!

Michael Parker is a trained advocate, a licensed fundraising consultant, and one of only about 250 certified Benefit Auctioneer Specialists in the United States – and he is ready to serve your community.

You can raise more. Experience Parker Benefits yourself and see how we are raising more for non-profits. Hiring a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist doesn’t cost – it pays. Don’t you owe it to your community to raise more?