Auctioneers are marketing specialists.  Benefit Auctioneer Specialists know how to market your event and, more importantly, your cause.  What are the most important aspects of your event to market?  How should you market the event?  When should you begin the marketing?  How can you market the event in the most cost effective manner? 

PBA helps you plan a marketing strategy that will bring success to your event!

What could you do with more money?

Contact Parker Benefit Auctions and find out. 

Initial consultations are free!

Sealed Bids

Do you know the best way to sell items donated to your non-profit?  Different items require different sales techniques to realize their greatest value.  Silent auctions can move a lot of merchandise effectively, but you can loose money on some items.  Live Auctions are excellent for moving other items, but not all.  Is there a better way to move nice items that have limited appeal?  PBA knows how to divide your items to raise the most money and how to set up Sealed Bids to move specialty items.  With PBA, you gain innovative and creative sale options.  

Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are a fun way to involve your guests - but they are a lot of work.  Are you making all you can on your silent auction?  Do you know the best way to display your items?  Do you know the  best items for the Silent Auction?  How many silent items do you need?  How many silent auctions should you run at your event?  When should they close?  Where should the Silent Auction be set up?  Does the silent auction floor plan affect your bottom line?  Can the layout of your silent auction sheet affect your final revenue?  What increments should you use if any?  What does the fundraising research say about how many bids you should expect per package?  Do you know how to get the best bids on your packages?   Is mobile bidding right for you?  Can mobile bidding increase your bottom line? 

PBA has the experience and the research to answer these questions and take your silent auction to the next level! 

Benefit Auctioneer Specialists know that audiences are developed, not just invited

Live Auctions

Live Auctions add fun and excitement to an event, but do you know which items sell best at live auction?  Do you know what time to hold the live auction to raise the most money?  Do you know how many live packages you should offer?  Do you know how to display and market the live items?  Do you have the right speaker system?  Do you have the right floor plan for a successful auction?  Does the order of the sale items affect your bottom line? 

Ask PBA - we have the answers.

Special Appeals

Special Appeals are the best part of a benefit event.   This is an opportunity for all guests to contribute to the cause.  Benefit Auctioneer Specialists are trained in making a moving appeal that highlights your organization's needs and encourages guests to show their support with monetary contributions.  A well presented appeal will often eclipse live and silent revenue. 

What should you ask guests to fund?  When should the appeal be made?  Who should make the appeal?  How should the appeal be made?  As a trained advocate, PBA knows how to communicate your mission and move your guests to open their wallets for your cause. 

Board Training

Are you having a problem with your Board?  Are they afraid to ask for contributions?  Are they timid in raising money?  Are they stuck in the "what can we sell to raise money" mentality?  Are they discouraged by all of the other fundraisers?  Do they think they don't know any donors? 

Michael Parker is a nationally recognized trainer; and as a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist, PBA is prepared to train and revitalize your Board in the essentials of fundraising. 


Do you have an event that needs to go to the next level, but you are not ready for a full blown auction or benefit event?  Do you need advice on how to increase your silent auction proceeds?  Do you need help retaining donors?  Do you need help building sponsorships?  Does your Board need to be trained on fundraising?  Do you need your Board revitalized?   Do you need logistical advice setting up your fundraiser? 

PBA has 30+ years of experience and consulting services available.  In fact, PBA is a licensed fundraising consultant with the NC Secretary of State's Office and is ready to assist you in all your fundraising needs.  So don't hesitate to contact Parker Benefits - we are here to help you meet your fundraising goals! 


A great benefit auction event creates a guest experience that draws guests back year after year.  An event can offer a stunning venue, great items, fine food, free drinks and wonderful fellowship and be derailed by poor organization and logistics. 

What is the biggest complaint guests have about benefit events?  How do you fix it?  How do you get more guests bidding?  How do you efficiently organize the games, silent auctions, special appeals and the live auction to have a seamless positive guest experience? 

Are you having a problem at your event?  PBA has 30+ years of experience running smooth, efficient and productive auctions - and we can help you!

What PBA does . . .

When you hear "Auctioneer," most people think of live auctions.  While Michael Parker, with 30+ years of experience, excels at live auctions, Parker Benefit Auctions is much more!  Commercial Auctioneers can raise more money in a live auction than a local celebrity or amateur, but studies show Benefit Auctioneer Specialists raise twice as much as Commercial Autioneers in benefit auctions - and that's because . . .

Benefit Auctioneer Specialists keep up with the most recent research and fundraising trends plus we study every facet of a Benefit Auction Event to identify all possible sources of revenue and maximize your fundraising efforts. 

Sponsorships, ticket sales, games, special appeals, silent and live auctions, PBA maximizes every minute of your event to raise the most money possible.  Read more to see how we do it!​


Games are fun interactive revenue enhancers that use raffles and giveaways to create excitement and add thousands to your bottom line!  Which games are best for your event?  What are the best prizes?  How are games sales organized?  

PBA specializes in unique games that spice up your event - and, we tailor them to meet your theme and needs! 

Ticket Sales

Ticket sales are a significant source of revenue. What considerations go into your ticket prices?  Do you know how much to charge?  Do you know how many tickets to sell?  What should they look like?  How soon should you advertise your event? 

Do you know who to invite to your event to maximize your revenue?  Benefit Auctioneer Specialists do. 

PBA has the answers.  And no, my clients have never lost money on their events. 


Sponsorships can account for a significant amount of your event revenue.  Do you know who to ask?  Do you know where to start?  What amounts should you ask for in sponsorships?  What benefits will your sponsors receive?  How can you promote your sponsors during your event?  How can your sponsors promote your event?  These are questions that PBA can answer. 

PBA is a licensed fundraising Consultant with the NC Secretary of State. 

PBA is one of only 250 certified Benefit Auctioneer Specialists in the United States. 

Benefit Auctioneer Specialists raise twice as much as Commercial Auctioneers at benefit events. 

Commercial Auctioneers move things, Benefit Auctioneer Specialists move people. 

Michael Parker is a Benefit Auctioneer  Specialist, not a commercial auctioneer.